Transformus has some exciting news!

There will be a Transformus 2018!

It will be at Marvin’s Mountaintop near Masontown, WV!

It will be all ages!

Transformus 2018 will be from noon, Thursday July 19, to noon, Monday July 23rd. 2,500 tickets will be sold for this event. 1,300 will be available on March 1, at 8pm (ET). The remainder will be sold on April 1 at 4pm ET. Tickets will cost $95. Children aged 2 and under are free. All other participants will need a regular, full-priced ticket.

We considered every location suggestion the Transformus community gave the land search committee (over 75), and deeply researched a subset that seemed like viable candidates. We received quotes from half of those which showed the best potential. This included approaching Deerfields and discussing any new landowner requirements/costs for the 2018 event. Out of all of these options, Marvin’s Mountaintop proved to be the best option: it is very reasonably priced, allows all ages, has a long history of hosting large events, and includes fewer county ordinances or other impediments to hosting the event on the property. Marvin himself has been great to work with and is excited to host us.

Moving to this new property is allowing us to significantly increase the amount of funds available for our effigy, temple, and art grants; increase our volunteer support; AND increase our donations to worthy local and burner causes. We are now able lower the cost of tickets for the first time ever. After doing a cost analysis on all our viable land options for the year, we would have had to stick to our normal rate of increase OR dramatically increase the price, depending on the property. We are excited to be able to reduce the fee to our participants while simultaneously increasing our community giving and support for art initiatives.

Marvin’s Mountaintop will be a great home for us. It is huge!  It has held events up to 25,000 people so we feel very positive about the logistics involved in putting on an event at this location.  It’s also way up on a mountaintop (which means it won’t be too hot for our traditional weekend), so the landscapes and scenery are delightful. There are no swimming features; however, no viable land options had swimming features on the table. The TLC and BOD will continue to seek out land that is suitable to host burns, but in the meantime, we are confident that Transformus 2018 at Marvin’s Mountaintop will be a great success. Read more about the process that brought us to Marvin’s Mountaintop in this blog post.

This new property will also allow Transformus to be an all-ages burn for the first time in many years. Transformus has been the only burn in the world that was not all ages, and we are working on the regulations we will be using and are fine tuning them. An All-Ages Policy is forthcoming. Many thanks to Apogaea for writing the majority of the words that we are in the process of repurposing for our policy.  We will also be incorporating best practices from Ignite! that will be refined for the special environment of Transformus.  

Transformus 2018 is happening! There will be a lot of changes to our impermanent event, an opportunity for new ideas, new leaders, and new wonders to discover. So what are you bringing?

Effigy and Temple applications are open. Share your effigy designs with us by filling out the 2018 Effigy Application and the 2018 Temple Application. All other Art grants will be open very soon! Effigy and Temple grants are each growing to $7,500, and we’re offering a total of $25,000 for other Art grants. Here is 2016’s Art grant process if you want to get started. This year’s won’t be exactly the same, but it’ll rhyme. Marvin’s Mountaintop is a great place for art cars! Anyone else been itching to build one? You should also get started on your art bike, or finally clean the dust off your current one and get it lubed up!

Want to help us pull off this crazy event this year? Leadership Interest Form is always open. While we are looking forward to many of our current team leadership to return, we are also looking to gain some new participation from folks who live in WV, NOVA, and SW PA.


Thanks for your support during this challenging year. 2018 was better!



Transformus TLC and BoD

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