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Ticket Guide and FAQs

It’s ticket time again! Every year people have tons of questions, concerns, distress, ideas, problems, anger, happiness, rick rolls, reservations, complaints, promises, broken hearts, trolling, considerations, and QUESTIONS. This here guide will hopefully address some portion of that. So read up on how to buy a ticket, sell a ticket, and get all the questions to the answers you could possibly have.

How to buy a ticket to Transformus:


Tickets will not be sold at the gate!

Scholarship Tickets

Full info on our ticket page!

Transferring Tickets

Every year, as the event gets closer, tickets become available from community members who can no longer attend or who bought too many. These tickets are often transferred, person to person, prior to the event. We do not support transferring of tickets, but understand the necessity of this process. All ticket transfers / purchases are done at your own risk and we will not be responsible for any issues that may arise.

Here is how to find and purchase a ticket from another community member.

Finding a ticket can be the hardest part. We recommend you use your personal circle of friends, put the word out that you would like a ticket, and peruse the various Facebook groups for tickets and rideshare info.

Once you find someone willing to sell you their ticket, please be aware of the following:

  • We DO NOT support ticket transfers in any way. You are taking a risk buying tickets from another individual and we will not refund any money you lose.
  • Only the barcode matters at the gate. First use of a barcode gets in, any other copies of that barcode will be denied entry. Be aware of potential scammers selling the same ticket multiple times.
  • Do not pay more than face value for a ticket plus whatever money may be charged as a fee for sending money by Paypal or similar services.
  • Call Brown Paper Tickets and have the name on the ticket checked / changed prior to completing purchases. While we do not use the name on the ticket, checking this may help ensure viability of the transfer you are making.
  • Only buy tickets from people you trust.
  • Always get a copy of the physical ticket. All tickets to our burns are “print at home”. ideally you should get access to log into Brown paper Tickets and print the ticket yourself, if possible. However if the seller has multiple tickets they may not be able to give you the credentials. Always get a physical copy and check with Brown Paper Tickets to verify the ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get a PDF of my ticket?

  • Head over to brown paper tickets, log in (you made an account there right?). Go to your account page and view your events/tickets. 
  • Click Transformus 2022. 
  • Click Print Tickets
  • If you are using Chrome browser (and some others like firefox) you can usually Print to PDF, in the print box change the printer source to “Print to PDF” or “Create PDF with <insert program name listed>” or whatever references Printing to a File.
  • If you can’t do this, then you should hit up the google and find a way to do it. Or call a techy friend.

It’s 1 minute after sales time and it says SOLD OUT!! How to I get a ticket??? Is it really sold out?

  • At first, sold out just means that all the tickets are RESERVED by folks who have them in their cart. Some ticket sales will fail. This happens EVERY year. 
  • Keep trying, refresh regularly.
  • Tickets aren’t fully sold out until the BoD says so on the website and on facebook.

Tickets are for real sold out, i didn’t get one. I want a ticket! How do I get a ticket

  • Wait till round 2.
  • If round 2 is sold out then there are no tickets left. At all. Sorry
  • Every year there are lots of tickets that change hands, person to person, as people realize they can’t go, their group has too many tickets, or something comes up. So ask among your friends and keep an eye on the tickets and rideshare facebook group
  • DO NOT email the BOD or call Brown Paper Tickets asking for a ticket. We do not keep tickets in reserve, we will not add extra tickets.

I bought a ticket from someone else. Can I have my name on it?

  • Sure, call up brown paper tickets and they will take care of it for you. They can change the name on the ticket. But you’ll need the ticket information and may need the original owner’s info.
  • The first scan of any unique barcode at the gate will get in. If someone else walks up with the same barcode for any reason, they will be denied entry. Be careful who you buy from.

I bought a ticket from someone and my name isn’t on it. Does that matter?

  • Nope! We don’t care whose name is on the ticket, all we care about is the barcode.
  • The first scan of any unique barcode at the gate will get in. If someone else walks up with the same barcode for any reason, they will be denied entry. Be careful who you buy from.

I want a refund for my ticket.

  • In general, refunds are not available.
  • If there was a processing error or something crazy happened, and it’s been less than 24 hours since you bought the ticket, then call Brown Paper Tickets and they will help you out: 1-800-838-3006

I just don’t want the ticket and I don’t want to sell it to a person so I want a refund.

  • Sorry, no refunds. This is a rain or shine event and refunds are not available. This is clear on the ticket sales page.

Ticket sales were TOO FAST and I don’t like it! I don’t think it’s fair! I should have a ticket and not other people because I bring/do/have/am <special thing here>!!

  • We are sorry that we cannot accommodate everyone who wants to attend Transformus. We wish we had the space to let everyone in, but we don’t.
  • We try to sell tickets with the only fair way we know how, with the least trouble possible, with the most chance for anyone to get a ticket. And that is free for all style via the website.
  • Yes, some folks will have amazingly fast internet connections and may have a milisecond or two better chance of getting a ticket. Largely though, this is still as fair as possible.
  • Please don’t take out your upsettedness, anger, and irritation over not getting a ticket and spread it all over the BoD or facebook. It’s only going to make everyone else feel bad and nothing good will come of it.
  • No one “deserves” a ticket more than anyone else. No matter how many years you have been going, no matter what you do or bring. Everyone is equal.

I heard that some people get free tickets. I want a free ticket

    • No one gets free tickets
  • Everyone – every volunteer, every member of the BoD, every participant – pays for their ticket.

I heard that Transformus reserves tickets for some people. Why can’t I have a reserve ticket?

  • We do have some reserve tickets. However they are only for team leads/coleads (up to a limit) and the BoD. Without these people the event would not exist or would fail horribly. This amounts to roughly 5% of the total amount of tickets.
  • We also reserve one ticket for each artist who receives an art grant that year. If we are paying for your art you should be able to get into the event. However the artist must still purchase the ticket themselves.

I want to volunteer!

  • That’s GREAT! Volunteer sign up will open on the same day as round two ticket sales this year
  • Please ONLY sign up to volunteer if you have a ticket. If you DO NOT have a ticket and you sign up to volunteer you are messing up the stats for that team and misleading the team lead into thinking they have people working the team when they do not. This is harmful to the event and the community.

Can I get a ticket if I volunteer?

  • No. We do not give free nor reserved tickets to volunteers and we never have.
  • If you DO get a ticket somewhere, please DO volunteer. This event only works if we have volunteers

Is there an instructional video for ticket sales?

  • Be sure to watch the whole thing