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The complete list of 2018 Transformus theme camps is live!


Theme Camp NameDescribe your Theme Camp and its offerings for Burn This Booklet:Region of origin
Purple CampPurpleCackalacky
Little BohemianMusicCackalacky
Nama'stay In BedCamp Nama'stay In Bed will be a Zen space for those that want to come to hang out, chill, listen to some music, and be mellow....or not. We will have lots of wine, munchies, and a vegan chili dinner on Saturday evening. Yoga classes at 11 am on Friday and Saturday, by 200 RYT. Tarot readings and making bead bracelets for the young and old alike. Our Airstream trailer offers a quite space if one needs to escape the melee and air conditioning for cooling off.
Lobster SunriseCome out of your shell-- have a Lobster Sunrise cocktail, enjoy other lobstery surprises, and get your claws up in the air for New England's pinchiest junglists! The sun never sets on Lobster Sunrise! Whether it's an all night party, a mid day art making extravaganza, or early morning mimosa mayhem the Lobstahs are here to ball out will our claw out! YOLO (yes our lobster's organic)Somewhere Yankee
Your Soul is My SoulWe are bringing musical equipment and will construct a small dry stage area for musicians from within the camp and from the nether regions of the world to have a spot to jam whenever they like. We will have an electric guitar, an electric piano, and a small sound system, and will be providing power to run. If the burn gods are appeased, a set of drums may materialize from within our friend group. Feel free to bring your own instruments and jam out at our music style oriented Jam Sessions each day. Jam sessions start at Sundown. Thursday is blues night, come and get bluesy as fuck. Friday is Fire and Metal Friday, bring your meanest face and your greatest riffs, and come have a free for all metal jam with our metal master Scrum. Fire spinning will be heaviest at this time. After the Fire and Metal at Sundown, we will have a DJ set after for our later hangouts. Saturday is Hot Diggits Dog its Burn Day late lunch at 2pm. We will be handing out hot dogs with chili sauce, nacho cheese, onions, ketchup mustard to whoever comes to the camp from 2-4pm. Fuel up for burn night. We dont believe in much at our camp, but we believe our chili sauce can save the world. Sunday is acoustic day, come at Sundown and jam away with whatever acoustic instrument on hand. We have a geodome which will be covered as a dry area as well, for people to hang out under and grab a drink from our bar stocked with the lowest shelf offerings possible. Bring a hammock and hang around for a bit. We will also have a fuel dump, and a safely constructed fire spinning area. Much of our camp loves to spin or dance with fire, and we would love to see everyone elses talents as well.Cackalacky
TanagraDarmok and Jalad at Tanagra. Temba, his arms wide open. Shaka, when the walls fell.Cackalacky
Introvert IslandIntrovert Island: A space to be alone together. Offering calm solitary space for those Mysterians who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the magical madness of the city. Come enjoy our herbal iced tea, read a book from our library, or spend an hour coloring in our quiet little paradise.Bumblefuck, Pennsylvania
ArcanaThe Arcana International Film Festival is the largest film festival in the Transformus Family of Burns and the most prestigious such festival in the Southeast. It is one of the oldest A-list film festivals, a category it shares with the festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Venice, San Sebastian, Moscow, Montreal, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Among filmmakers, agents, distributors, and journalists, the Arcana International Film Festival is considered the most important event in all of Mysteria.

Every year, the festival presents some number of films from around the world, and regularly hosts famous and important filmmakers. The festival is intended for both film professionals and the general public, and offers visitors a carefully designed programme, excellent facilities and a broad range of other services.
PalmetticaChecking out the new digs and whatever generalness. Come as you are.Cackalacky
Camp OTGCamp OTG is dedicated to helping those coming to their first burn! We believe in good fellowship and trying new things, so no telling what our camp will be like from year to year! If you need a safe, (somewhat) sane, and fun camp to belong to for your first time, OTG is the place to be!South East
Shiny Rainbow
White Dragon Noodle BarThe White Dragon Noodle Bar is back from our travels round the 'verse for another year of slingin' salty noodles and stingin' drunken wit. Stop by at sundown for our world-famous vegan soy shiitake noodle soup! Feeling shiny? Sumo wrestle a buddy and you both win hearts — and cut the line.
Camp UpdogWhat's Updog? Not much, how about you? Come by and hang out with
friends, old and new. Sip some tea and join us for Cookies & Cocktails. Enjoy our hookahs until the hill claims them with the powers of gravity.
Eastern Seaboard
Camp BifrostWe traverse Bifrost, the magical, flaming rainbow bridge that leads us from Camp Mundania into the realm of Mysteria, where all your mead are belong to us. A small camp in a quiet town, kid friendly, adults get mead and pit fighting. A longboat-load of boasting and feasting on fresh-hunted wild boar, *erhem* I mean farm-raised, roasted swine, in the Great Hall. Foam padded weapons and war paint provided for our/your amusement. Raise your horn and sword and join us at Asgard's gate! Yoho!Washington, DC
Garden of HedonStep into our Garden. Curl up to a sexy serpent, confess your original sins and be rewarded with forbidden fruit. Somewhere Yankee
ASSpireWe wanna make america SHAKE again. We have huge ASSpirations and the greatest ASSets in Mysteria. yASS!!!!!Somewhere Yankee
The ImaginariumThe Potatoes have been horribly disfigured--they need your help! Our escape craft has crashed, and we need to refill the imagination meter! Join the Imagineers in their quest to promote the power of play, or just relax and enjoy your stay!
RootpileRootpile is a Bluegrass music and food camp. We play Bluegrass Music and cook bbq and pinto beans.South East
The D Presents: SmellsburgFollow your nose to the olfactory offerings of Smellsburg, a little village
of transcentent scents. Drift by for a gentle waft, sniff or spritz, or linger
for aromatic indulgence. Follow the sweet smell of incense up to our smell
bar, where you can freshen up your funk with one of our custom-
made essential oil body sprays, sniff a variety of nasal novelties, sample
our collection of essential oils and create your very own fragrance to keep that
Burn body smelling fantastic during and after the Burn.
South East
Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home is the jam band lounge destination you didn't know you needed. Come by, chill on our deck, and let us serve you a hand-crafted mojito. We'll play all the Grateful Dead your earholes can handle! Cackalacky
The Cuddle Puddle AssociationHailing from Lancaster, PA, we started out as a group that would gather weekly to spin fire. Through connection and cuddling, strong bonds were formed and we have since evolved into The Cuddle Puddle Association. We’ll be bringing the fire and flow, serving mimosas, blowing giant bubbles, and holding space for cuddling. Come get some Dopamine and Oxytocin from your friends over at the CPA!
The Verdant Soul OasisThe Verdant Soul Oasis is an exploration of ritual through Sensory Enchantment. Non-sexual Sacred Sensory Play & Meditation to ground you and restore your connection to yourself and your world. Enjoy an intentional sensory ritual with the help of a friend or immerse yourself in individual sensory meditations. Explore the deep connection our primal sensory awareness shares with our spiritual divinity.
This is a quiet sacred space and alcohol free zone. Kids welcome with parents.
Pyramid PeopleWe are the Pyramid People. We like pyramids. We play games with little pyramids, we camp under a giant pyramid, we give away pyramid necklaces to those who visit us, and we generally enjoy all things pyramidal. We also like cubes and round things. But mostly we like pyramids.
WaffelhausWe're a small food camp. We make delicious Belgian liege waffles. Ever had a real liege waffle? They're like heaven on a plate. Stop on by and have one.Cackalacky
Raised By RabbitsFrom a distant far away land comes a new and brilliant melding of two super camps from Mysteria of old. After wandering in the wilderness like Gypsies searching for their Chocolypse Now! this new tribe introduces itself to you as Raised By Rabbits. Hop on over to the Bunny Bar and hang out at our warriors warren, we can't wait to meet our new neighbors! Also be on the lookout for the ghost of the Gypsy bar, she may be tagging along with us and making sudden appearances...Cackalacky
CLASSHOLES!Class is back in session! Come by for a reminder of all those special school times... That hot teacher... that epic school-wide game of tag... that 4th Place Honorable Mention Spelling Bee trophy you still have... that time you swiped your mom's Arbor Mist and brought it in your water bottle... that time you got caught masturbating in the bathroom with pictures of... Well, maybe not THAT time. But what matters is that you learned something! Check the blackboard for daily activities, and prepare to get schooled!Silly Philly & Brooklyn
D.A.M.M. CampD.A.M.M. Camp (The Department of Alcohol Management of Mysteria) will have an Arabian-themed hookah lounge, bar, and nightclub located in the heart of Vahalla. Come in for a drink, smoke a hookah, join our fire and LED performers, and dance the night away with our talented DJs. As a staple of the Transformus nightlife, D.A.M.M. Camp is an entertainment oasis destination you will want experience over and over.South East
DAMM NationThis is the sleep and rest camp for DAMM Camp, who will be providing alcohol, lounging, and dope beats in Valhalla.
ManCamp!Beautiful plan; poorly executed. If you think making bad decisions is an art form, please stop by and see us. If you are not completely disappointed please see a member.
Temple of ErosEros is the creative force in the world, and the generative power within us all. Temple of Eros is a semi-public playspace for adults to radically express and explore erotic power. Bring a pal or show up solo/sola. Enter at your own risk, day or night, or check the events section for our schedule of workshops and rituals.Cackalacky
Daddy Drinks Because You CryDDBYC is amazing and super sexy, just like you. Come to our camp to get away from the kids (or adults), to have a drink, enjoy whatever we are cooking, or just to hang out and meet new and old friends.Cackalacky
Echo CollectiveEcho Collective is excited to bring our 12th theme camp to the hills of West Virginia for the inaugural burn at Mysteria's new home. This year we will feature live music, performance, and several individual art pieces throughout our village. Make sure you stop by our exquisitely handcrafted bar to share delicious drinks and refreshments with your favorite blurple bartenders. We'll have several special drinks available at our bar events, so make sure to check the schedule when you stop in, so you don't miss out on the fun. We can't wait to paint Mysteria blurple this year, so make sure to bring your dancing flippers!Philly Jawns
Camp BeemoreCamp Beemore is a Baltimore-based Burner menagerie of visionary mischief-makers, uninhibited booty-shakers, virtuoso world-creators, avant-garde awe-curators, fathomless dream-dreamers, unrelenting plan-schemers, earth-shattering music magicians, extraordinary experience technicians, rowdy blissful chaos agents, and trickster status quo reagents. Home is wherever we build our Hive, and we give our all to keep our vision alive. Our hands may be dirty but our spirits are free and we’re shaping the kind of world where we want to bee. A Bee is industrious, but never a martyr; we work feckin’ hard but throw down even harder. We keep it buzzing non-stop (a Bee’s work’s never done) but the sweetness we all share is damn worth it, hon.Eastern Seaboard
Flaming Nitro Ratchet CatsNo cat anywhere ever gave anyone a straight answer.
Fire TriangleFire Triangle is coming at you from the triangle area of North Carolina. We will be creating a space to offer community members place to connect with each other with a little bit of fire sprinkled in! We will be slinging drinks from behind our flaming elements bar, as well as offering delicious non-alcoholic beverages at our hydration station. Take a seat in our lounge, rest your weary bones, and chat with your fellow burners. We will have an open fire circle for all you flow artist in the community to come and share your skills. We are excited to work with the Transformus community to make our new home rocking!Cackalacky
Camp InvisibleWe exist inconsipulously. Camp Invisible offers a full bar, hot tub, art gallery, kitchen with master invisible chef and coffee maker.Cackalacky
LovelabLovelab Sound Camp is a collection of various individuals and groups which have a common history from the beginnings of the rave scene. We started doing full moon gatherings back in 1995 in this area of West Virginia. Every full moon we would take our sound system and rock out under the full moon. Invitations were by word of mouth. It was a beautiful vibe. We continued and did larger events from 1995-2001. Our last event was Sept 8, 2001 which was held at this very spot (called Marvin's Mountain Top Race Track at the time). So, this event is truly a Homecoming for us. Many folks in our camp have been doing burns with other camps, and on their own since 2003. We are now reuniting to rock out once again together, bringing together all new and old friends and family to share in the one thing that we all love about this stuff.... : The VibeMorgantown, WV
Oasis LoungeOasis Lounge - Groovy Sparkle Punks Livin The Good Life.
Squirrel CitySquirrel City is a new theme camp from Raleigh, NC! We love to play, frolic about, wear furry things, and eat nuts. The squirrel is our spirit animal! We have many mantras, like “Squirrels just wanna have fun,” “I kissed a squirrel and I liked it,” and “I ain’t no holler back squirrel!” Our events are nut-centric in a totally PG kinda way, like, “Almonds & AcroYoga,” “Salty Nuts and Beer Tasting,” “Walnuts & Whiskey Hour,” “Fancy Coffee & Cashews,” and “Mouthmosas & Macademias.” Put on your fanciest fur and come to one of our pseudo-healthy events. Caution: May contain nuts!Cackalacky
Catastrophe!Catstrophe! returns to Mysteria for a third time with its world-famous Octonest, the 8-sided cuddle puddle. Everyone is welcome to rest in the nest, but no shoes, no sleeping, and no sex. Rated G during the day and NC-17 when the sun goes down, we work hard, we play hard, and we sleep hard, but if the lights are on and the music is playing, stop on by and set for awhile.The DMV
Party Liberation Front
The Bonobo LoungeThe Bonobo Lounge is an adults-only space for sensual touch and kinky play. We invite you to come learn, party and play with us!
Micro BallsWe are small but mighty, elegant but dirty. Ball Gowns will be worn. Balls will be played with. And/or dodged. Principles will be upheld.Eastern Seaboard
Circular Expressions & FriendsCircular Expressions (& Friends!) is a collection of flow artists traveling from Richmond, VA! At home, we perform and teach for audiences and classes large and small. At Transformus, look for our hoops and join us in the joy of hoop dance!Eastern Seaboard
Spirit CampWho: A community that Loves, heals, frees, cares, and shares.
What: Classes, workshops, blessings, food, and music. Dream and tattoo interpretation, bringing Heavenly Presence, mind clearing, removing darkness and oppression, bringing peace, compassionate listening, and aligning the soul. You can tell us your secrets: dark, clean, or future dreams.
May include hangout space, performances/interactive collaborations, drum circles, improv, jam sessions, and art. Come in to our warm space for a personal blessing! Workshops and classes may include topics such as: Love, connection, gratitude, community, forgiveness, and personal responsibility through character and integrity. Check the boards at our theme camp for class and workshop times.
Hope. Dream. Be Alive!

Serving breakfast and lunch. (Hungry? We'll share organic, grain-free (etc.) and vegan friendly foods.)
Potluck dinners Wednesday and Friday (maybe more)

Where in Mysteria: Spirit Camp!
When: 10am-approximately midnight
Why: Because we have received great Love and want to share it.
Asheville Area/NC
BangarangBangarang is bringing our usual music and shenanigans to Transformus with a new addition: LASER TAG! Face off against your friends on our obstacle course, or dance it out to your favorite DJs on our dance floor. Expend some energy and get some exercise while you nurture your competitive spirit, or come chill in our lounge area and watch the mayhem from a distance. We supply the beats, you supply the company.Somewhere Yankee
Tasty Pasty We've been doing horrible things to beautiful people and dropping property values in Mysteria since 2010 and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Delicious edible delicacies and high voltage stimulation for Mysterian nipples. Belligerence, belittling, and boobs. A safe place to leave your dignity so long as you dont want it back. Come on by and check us out, you never know what the hell you might find. We might be hanging out chilling by a fire, there might be a breast milk bukakke party going on, or maybe theres a bunch of friends and close strangers coming together and bonding over the shared experience of farting in cakes. Also, there was that one time with the pickled egg... well actually two times. Cackalacky
Gold StarCamp Gold Star exists to recognize you for your accomplishments. At Camp Gold Star, we know that inside that sparkle pony facade is a very special snowflake. And we've got everything you need to feed your body and your ego.

Stop by for your daily dose of over-enthusiastic personal adulation, participation certificates, trophies, hugs, and snark. After dark, enjoy tasty beverages, broth, TLC, and more awards, you entitled little shit.
Eastern Seaboard
Camp No Friends HereLaid back chill spaceCackalacky
Camp ContactCamp Contact offers Contact Improvisation Dance, AcroYoga, Ecstatic Dance and Authentic Relating workshops, among many other topics including Massage, Tantra, Meditation, Yoga, and other realms of embodiment, movement, and relational practice. We also offer conversations around Decentralization (Bitcoin, etc).Washington, DC
Habitat for InsanitySteam is the New Fire! Join Habitat for Insanity for a steam bath in our specially constructed A-frame sweatlodge. We'll fire up our double-barrel stove and use garden sprayers to generate clouds of steam.

To cool off, join us on the porch for "Shaven, Not Stirred" classic drinks in snow-cone form. Our snowcones are served in beautiful (and burnable!) clear corn plastic cups with delicious syrups and homemade toppings. Non-alcoholic options are also available.
Skrambles**!*Skrambles**!* Born from confusion and tempered by mild incompetence. Now a respectable lounge!Eastern Seaboard
Wrong WayThe worst people make the best choices. Filthy people playing icky beats.I swear to god we're people.Philly based
VIB (Very Important Burners)The Royal Society of Very Important Burners (VIBs) shall offer a variety of first class burn experiences for the discerning burner. Only the burniest need apply.Eastern Seaboard


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