What is a Theme Camp?

What is a Theme Camp?

Glad you asked!

There are many ways to describe theme camps, but in general it starts with a personal interest, something someone, or a group of someones’ desires to share with others. And SHARING is the keyword here — no matter how elaborate or minimalist, expensive or cheap to create, the theme camp is a group of individuals sharing a part of themselves with any and all whom choose to enter their camp and experience their offerings. In a nutshell, a theme camp is 2 or more people camping together who offer an interactive experience for other people to participate in. Beyond that, imagination is the only real limit.

Examples of Theme Camp Ideas and Activities

Food, Drink & Music
A theme camp may prepare food to share with anyone who chooses to partake of that food, or a theme camp may act as a free bar or pub. A theme camp may provide art supplies and provide a space and opportunity for people to come explore their inner artist, or the theme camp may have a bunch of musical instruments for people to explore their inner musician and experiment with others in making music.

Art, Play, and Interaction

A theme camp may offer a quiet space to meditate, rest or cuddle, it may provide DJs and a dance space for people to move to the music. One theme camp may offer a playground to play in, while another may provide a sensual play space, and yet another may be festooned with op-art and all manner of visual mind toys, while another may have unique or familiar games to play.

Education, Skill Share, and Ideas
Some theme camps create never-before seen or conceived interactive art pieces or music making devices or mind challenges. Still other theme camps provide a space for people of like-minds to gather and share time together, a place to make new friends or discuss life’s deep mysteries or frivolous meanderings. Some theme camps provide entertainment, others give you a chance to BE the entertainment, some educate, and some inspire thought, or simply inspire.

A theme camp does not HAVE to be stationary! Okay, so the home camp is stationary, but elements of the camp can travel around Mysteria. For example, the Gypsy Bar traveled about, occasionally stopping for 20 or more minutes at a time to offer their beverages to passing Mysterians. Mobile theme camps can be interactive, offer performances, offer food or drink,or whatever else you like. A mobile theme camp is NOT an art car(t)or bike, an art installation, or a solo traveling performer, but they are all cousins!

Ultimately, the burn experience is about radical self expression, and Theme Camps are one of the great ways in which people get together to radically express themselves, and give others a chance to participate, too. Be it a tea house or a temple, a jungle gym or a Gameshow, be they serious or pointless, theme camps are the heart of a Burn for they are the unique expressions of sharing and gifting which members of the burner community offer their sibling burners. Plus you get a longer burn, theme camps can enter Mysteria as early as Wednesday (with approval) to start setup.