Transformus XIX Joy Crystals

in haste, we used AI to generate this image
inspired by Elodie's art
any human want to make a replacement with more spirit?
this is an official dare <3

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Application/Registration Deadlines


Extended due date May 22:

Effigy and Temple applications


June 1:

Theme Camp registration

Theme Camp Grant application


June 12:

(Non-Funded) Art registration


June 15:

Burn This Booklet event registration


Closed applications:
art grant applications (May 1)
art jury registrations (May 3)
Ticket and Sticker Contest submissions (May 15)

Let’s make some magic at Mysteria’s new home

Hello, Mysterians! Last fall, we frolicked at a prospective site for Transformus 2024. Mysterians spoke, the TLC sweated the details, and now we have a new home!


Thursday, July 18, 2024 - Monday, July 22, 2024


1677 Ray Loop Rd
Westfield, NC

Here's a pin to the entrance to the space: pin

Transformus 2024
The 3rd Weekend in July
In North Carolina

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