Transformus 2018 Volunteer Teams

Team: 11th Principle: Consent!

Leads: Ranger Cervix, TinTin, and Avarice

11th Principle is a catchy (controversial perhaps) new name for an old but important topic. CONSENT! What is consent? Firstly, go google the word and read the textbook definition. I’ll wait here, go ahead. Done? Great! It’s pretty easy right? Get consent before you cross someone else’s personal boundaries. Yes means yes and everything else means no – period. The large focus of most talks people have about consent seems to revolve around sexual consent. While this is highly important, and no one likes hearing about sexual assaults taking place in our community, 11th Principle isn’t just about that. 11th Principle is also about promoting acceptance of “No” and everyone being ok saying “No.” Whether you are being groped inappropriately or someone wants to give you a bear hug when you aren’t in the mood, or if someone hands you an alcoholic drink you don’t want, or is about to spray your new costume with a squirt gun, “no” is a perfectly acceptable thing to say, though “no, thank you!” is better. The 11th Principle team exists to help promote both sides of consent on any subject – whatever it takes to help everyone remember to ask first and not feel bad saying no.

What a volunteer should expect:

Basically you are a consent ambassador. Help people understand 11th principle and converse with them about it. Whether as a greeter assistant or passing out schwag, helping the community feel good about boundaries and acceptance is the name of the game.

What specifically is needed in 2018?

We seek outgoing and passionate volunteers to promote consensual interaction at the burn through education and advocacy. Two kinds of volunteers are needed this year: Consent Liaisons @ Greeters, who educate on consent at the fabulous Greeters station, and Consent Castle volunteers, who use their own unique gifts and skills to educate about consent at the Consent Castle. Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions!

Team: Back Door Brigade

Leads: Oracle and Regina

The main responsibility of Back Door Brigade volunteers will be to help Mysterians find space in open camping, to keep open camping maps current, and to keep open camping condensed. Each neighborhood(ish) will have one Back Door Brigade Volunteer during each shift. Shifts will be 4 hours long. This shit will look something like this: Each Back Door Brigade volunteer will have a map of both the local neighborhoods as well as a map of local open camping, broken up into sectors. As part of the Back Door Brigade, you will carry these with you to keep tabs on open camping still available in your assigned neighborhood. Take a series of leisurely strolls back and forth between your assigned neighborhood’s open camping and connected transfer station. Take in the sights, maybe eat a taco on the way. While in the field, you’ll mostly be hanging around open camping. Squish those hippies in as tight as possible. Take note of how much space is still available in open camping. You can do this on your handy map, which will be provided to you by your Brigadier (Shift lead). Map and open camping will be broken down into sectors to help with this process. If open camping is full but your Brigadier has found extra awesome theme camps willing to take in open campers, keep tabs of space available in those spaces and squish them in as you would in open camping.

You’ll also be ultra helpful to lost little hippies who need directions. You: “Your camp is that way. But you’ll have to swim through the lava and battle the dragon to get there.” Then you’ll eat your taco and wander back toward your transfer station. Once back at the transfer station, belly full of goodness: If the transfer station volunteer is feeling extra helpful in organizing your homeless hippies, find out from them who is next in line needing a home. Help homeless hippies find their way to that perfect open camping home just waiting for them. Guide them like a sherpa. Stroll back toward open camping and repeat the above listed steps until the end of your shift. Tacos not required. But if you’re gifted one by some friendly hippy, why not eat it? Who doesn’t love tacos?  As always, be sexy. Wanna? … I think you wanna. *Disclaimer: No pants required for this role.

Team: Back Door Brigadier

Leads: Oracle and Regina

What the fuck is a “Brigadier,” you ask??? Want a semi-leadership role while working closely with the Department of City Planning (DCP)? If so, we want YOU, you sexy beast! As a Brigadier, YOU will be responsible for coordinating with and acting as backup for your Back Door Brigade Volunteers for a specific neighborhood, and to keep live and accurate maps of open camping current.

But wait, there’s more! As a Brigadier you will get to welcome incoming Mysterians home to their neighborhoods, be the first contact in smoothing out any disputes that may come up within your neighborhood, coordinate with DCP to ensure a smooth transition of Mysterians into their camps once they arrive home, helping to ensure that your neighborhood has the space it needs to accommodate its residents. Basically, GO YOU, because you are a huge part of what makes Transformus fucking magic. But not to worry, each neighborhood will have more than one Brigadier, so you won’t need to carry all the awesome that you are alone. That shit can be heavy…

Let me give you a breakdown of what your responsibilities will be: Make sure that all the Theme Camp Organizers and Co-organizers within your neighborhood know who you are. Greet people arriving to their neighborhoods and introduce yourself. This is super important. Should a conflict arise, theme camps will be coming to you first before coming to DCP, so they need to know you. Help people find their camp (or open camping areas) to help them get settled. Know where stuff is in your neighborhood and have a firm understanding of your map. Make sure that your Back Door Brigade volunteers are there to help Mysterians in open camping make the most out of their space and fill in for your Back Door Brigade if and when needed, during your shift. Want a full description of what the fuck a “Back Door Brigade Volunteer” does? Use your amazing leadership skills to direct yourself to that description and read on, my friend. We suggest that you meet them at your assigned transfer station at the start of each BDB shift.  Use your wonderful communication skills to locate extra awesome theme camps willing to take in overflow open campers, if needed. Be the first point of contact between DCP and theme camps. Give each theme camp organizer and co-organizer their swag. Be sexy AND be an action hippy, at the same time.

Sound good? Are you pumped? Have you showered today (don’t worry, neither have I)? If so, sign up for either the AM(ish) or PM shifts for your neighborhood. When you do this, you’ll be signing up for that time slot for each high traffic day (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). 2 Brigadiers will be covering each neighborhood, splitting the day into 2 6-hour shifts per day. Note that signing up for one AM shift signs you up for all three AM shifts, and likewise for PM.  *Disclaimer: No pants required for this role.

Team: DMT

Lead: Amy the Lesbian, Munkey, and Chad Canterbury

DMT (Department of Mutant Transport): This team is who gets you where you need to go! During entry, DMT will take you and your gear from the staging area to as close to your camp as is feasible on their golf carts and trailers. Then back again once unloaded (if you flag them down). During exodus, DMT is who hauls your crunchy self from up in Mysteria down to the parking lot to get your car. This team runs hardcore from Thursday night till gate close on Saturday then again from first thing Sunday till it’s all done on Monday.

What a volunteer should expect:

DMT volunteers get to speed around in golf carts (at a max of 5mph of course) hauling hippies hither and thither, ensuring people get in and get out quickly and easily. If you can safely drive a cart and not hit anyone or anything, then DMT is a good shift for you! You must be responsible and sober due to handling a large metal object that costs Transformus money and has the potential for injuring people. DMT volunteers are informative chauffeurs who often end up making amazing new friends as you chat with those you are carting around. You have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to teach your passengers about the 10 principles, key areas of Mysteria, and the entry/exodus procedures so they can be in the know. Bring some sunscreen and a bottle of water because driving a cart around during the day is super fun but can certainly be burny on your skin. Knowing Mysteria’s layout is super helpful, particularly when you get that one sparkle pony who doesn’t know where their camp is.

What specifically is needed in 2018?

DMT helps in hauling people and their goods into and out of Mysteria. There are two kinds of shifts: “Golf Cart,” during which you’d be ferrying folks around in a 6-seater golf cart, and “Workhorse,” during which you’d be pulling a small trailer behind a kubota (experienced drivers only, please!) At the start of your shift, head to the Logistics Table in Center Camp to get your cart.

Team: DPW

Leads: Bambi, Shadetree, and FireFox

DPW (Department of Public Works) is one hardworking team! They work before and after Transformus, providing valuable services that Transformus 100% could not exist without. Pre-burn, DPW helps set up all our stuff like canopies and tables and also hits up trouble spots on the land to make sure we don’t cause problems with all our hippie feet and cars. Post-burn, DPW really goes into action! Taking down all the gear and repairing the land where all the dancing hippies, stuck cars, and large structures have caused a trace. Along with the LNT team, DPW truly embodies the Leave No Trace principle. They do hard work but they always do it extremely well, making sure our home looks as amazing when we leave as when we got there, if not better! Help DPW out by bringing grass seed, keeping cars on the road ways, and avoiding digging into the land or causing other unsightly mess.

What a volunteer should expect:

Hard but rewarding work. Everything from spreading seed to fixing holes and general land beautification. Work gloves and a will to put a little loving into the land are required. There’s jobs for all skill levels on DPW. There are very few other teams who put so much of their sweat into the land but as we can all see, it’s very much worth it. Our home is beautiful every year and DPW keeps it that way.

What specifically is needed in 2018?

Setup and takedown. Focus on pre-build and post-event. Shifts during event to help when needed. 4hr shifts, 4 persons per shift, 8a-8p. Additional staff on call after hours.

Team: Fire Conclave

Leads: Boots & Robin

Fire Conclave volunteering is really just for Safeties. What’s a fire conclave? That’s the bright shiny spinny people who put on a fire show at various times during the burn, most noticeably just before we burn the Effigy. Fire Conclave Safeties are the folks who help keep all the performers from setting themselves or the crowd on fire. Safeties are utilized during the Effigy Burn (Saturday night) and Temple Burn (Sunday night). Safety training is provided on-site and you’ll also get to hear all the super awesome plans for the burns!

What a volunteer should expect:

Have a fire blanket! You can bring your own, or borrow one from a fire spinner (make sure they get it back). Attend safety training. All safeties must attend one of these conclave/safety meetings even if you know how to safety already. Not just to learn to safety (if you don’t know how) but also so you can hear the plan for the burn and know what to expect. This is where you also get your cool schwag to make all the other girls and boys jealous of your firey awesomeness! Show up before the burn you are volunteering for, stand where indicated, and keep fire spinners from being set on fire. This isn’t that hard but it does require paying attention. I won’t go into actual fire safety protocols here but I will say that most fire spinners are able to put themselves out so mostly you are just alerting them that a spot of fuel on their leg may have flared up. After the conclave performance you generally get front row seating for the effigy burn itself while helping hold soft perimeter (this is where that nifty schwag comes in handy as only those showing the schwag get to sit right in front and hold soft perimeter)

What specifically is needed in 2018?

Conclave is the group of fire spinners that performs in front of the effigy before it is lit on fire on Saturday night. We would love your participation in helping ensure our spinners are safe.

**If you are a fire performer, find a trusted friend who can be equipped with a duvetyne to sign up for one of these shifts– and, make sure you both attend one of the meetings on Friday or Saturday at 2pm on the burn field!!**

Fire Safety: For this position, you will be required to attend a Conclave Safety meeting at either 2pm on Friday or 2pm on Saturday, on the burn field (look for the group of spinners), where you will be trained how to safety– experienced safeties *are* very much appreciated, but will also be required to complete training.

On Saturday night, before the burn, you must be sober, wearing natural fibers, and will bring a duvetyne (of your own, or sourced from a friend) to the effigy. You will be placed in a location around the burn field, and will watch the zone in front of you for fire spinner safety during the performance. Once the Conclave is over, you will be guided out of the field by the Conclave Co-Lead; you will return the duvetyne blanket to its owner or original location, and are free to enjoy the rest of the effigy burn!

Team: FRT

Lead: vespa and the FNP

FRT (Fire Response Team): We all like fire right? The problem with fire is that it’s dangerous if not handled properly. That’s why FRT exists! If something at the burn involves fire, then FRT is in charge of making sure it doesn’t wreck someone’s day or worse. All fire art must be inspected and approved by FRT; if you leave a campfire unattended, FRT is gonna put it out; when the effigy and temple get burned, FRT are the guys in the silver suits making sure it all falls down properly and doesn’t harm the crowd. It’s a super important job that is right at the center of our event.

What a volunteer should expect:

Most FRT shifts are centered around the effigy and temple burn. Some volunteers (with training) are watching the burn and making sure it says in the center of the field and doesn’t fall into or blow up onto the crowd. It’s hot out there, so other volunteers pass water to the fire watchers and make sure everyone is on their game. FRT lets the crowd know when it’s safe to get closer once the fire gets lower. Outside of that, FRT is responsible for handling any fire-related issue that comes up, from inspecting fire art to putting out dangerous fire situations if they occur, so training around these areas is needed.

Team: Gate

Leads: Special & Amanda Panda

Gate team is the very first team (well, along with parking) that any Mysterian has to interact with. This team runs the gate (believe it or not) and handles the ticketing, waiver collecting, and wristbanding Transformus. When you bring your PRINTED ticket and PRINTED waiver (you do have both, don’t you? on paper? readable?) to the gate, the smiling volunteers will get you all scanned in to make sure the ticket is valid and then you get a nice shiny wristband on your wrist proving that you are allowed into the event. If you DON’T have a printed ticket and waiver, or if the ticket is invalid, then you will be turned away from the gate and asked to leave or to go print a new one in town. Don’t be mad at the gate workers for this; it’s policy, and good burners know the drill. Gate also often has good info for you regarding the ingress and exodus process. This team runs for many hours during the burn and is vital to Transformus operations.

What a volunteer should expect:

Generally you will be able to sit inside a large canopy keeping the sun and rain off of you, so that’s awesome! You will be responsible for being responsible and scanning tickets of every Mysterian who comes through. Gate can be super busy or super slow, just depends on the time and day. The gate is open from early morning to late at night, and on Friday it’s open over night into Saturday. Gate shifts aren’t physically straining generally but they sure can be fun. You get first eyes on all the excited Mysterians as they get ready to enter the city, prepare for lots of hugs and thank yous. Sobriety isn’t required but responsibility is, so moderate as needed.

Team: Greeters

Leads: Tornado Kelley and Tuesday

Greeters is arguably the most popular team to volunteer for. These are the folks that grab you upon entry and help educate you on the 10 principles, make sure you have everything you need before heading in, and ensure that virgins get their proper greeting. Great costumes, educational games, important information, and really fun people can all be found at the greeters station. These smiling faces are your welcome home and how you know that you have arrived in Mysteria.

What a volunteer should expect:

Lots of action! You greet everyone coming in on your shift and do all of the things listed above. Knowing the principles and being able to explain them to Mysterians is important. Helping them understand any procedures that may be new is also necessary. Can you hand out a few spankings? Smile while doing it? Hug people fiercely while explaining how Mysteria works? Then greeters is for you!


Lead: DABS and Road Runner

GTFIO (Get The Freaks In & Out) is to help address some of our biggest headaches and to smooth over some rough spots on both ends of the burn.

Entry: Mysterians arriving at Transformus during public entry are not allowed to drive their cars into the camping area due to the volume of people on site. The first thing you probably ask yourself is: “Well, how do I get all my crap to my camp?” This is where GTFIO starts to shine! Transformus has multiple GTFIO Transfer Stations located at various places around Mysteria; GTFIO volunteers will be there to direct you and maybe help you get your gear unloaded and under the Transfer Station canopy. Make sure you have a tarp to go over/with your gear! GTFIO will watch over your gear and keep your buddies entertained while one of your party drives the car back to the parking lot. Once the driver is back (generally transported by DMT) you will then have assistance from GTFIO to load your gear up onto a DMT transport trailer to have yourself and your gear hauled as close to your campsite as DMT can get you.

Exodus: This is always a trying time for everyone. Lots of traffic, lots of cranky people, lots of hold-ups. GTFIO was created in part to specifically address this. Here’s how it will work: On Sunday and Monday (whichever day you are leaving) you *will not* be allowed to just go get your car and drive it to your camp to park while you break down. Instead, all Mysterians will be required to break down camp as much as possible first! Once you’ve done this, look for a GTFIO volunteer. You will be transported to the parking lot where you will retrieve your car, drive in to load up, and then immediately head out.

What volunteers can expect:

During entry volunteers will hob knob with all the cool Mysterians coming into the city. You’ll help unload their cars so they can take them to the parking lot, and help load up the DMT carts. You’ll be responsible for getting tons of smiles and thank yous from everyone you help, and definitely have to hug a few people. Complete sobriety is not really required. Couldn’t be easier!  

During exodus you will have the STRENUOUS job of standing around looking awesome. You will need to be available for people to find you and have you check that their camp is broken down. You might even have to explain the system to a few people. This extremely important, but really not physically taxing job should do wonders to make our exodus flow smoother for everyone.

What specifically is needed in 2018?

New location means a new way to Get The Freaks In and Out. WooHoo!

Are you a virgin or bringing a virgin? Wanting to meet all the people? Then GTFIO is for you. Bring a chair, a refreshing beverage, and be prepared to welcome fellow burners home. This is a laid back, easy volunteer shift that anyone can do. You and a friend can do this one together. We will only have transfer stations opened on entry days and only at night. This is to keep as many vehicles off property as possible. Bonus, we have cool swag.

Volunteer duties are making sure participants keep their gear separated and covered if rain, helping participants find their theme camp or open camping (there will be maps of the city posted at every station), helping to unload if needed, and generally keeping an eye on people’s gear. No traffic duties will be needed as the new property is more accessible.  

All volunteers will meet at the VC at the beginning of their shift.

Thank you for making this happen. We are looking forward to welcoming you home.

Team: LNT

Lead: Fireball

LNT (Leave No Trace): Not only is LNT an important principle, it’s also a team at Transformus. This team takes ownership of making sure we as a community are not only educated about how to not leave a trace, but ensures that every trace is removed at the end of the event. From hanging signs on the portos about LNT expectations to Moop For Mimosas on Monday exodus, LNT keeps our land clean and green! LNT isn’t just some fancy talk we burners spout off about – it really is a way of life at Transformus. It is everyone’s responsiblity to pick up everything from the grounds that isn’t naturally there. The simple way to do this is NEVER let it hit the ground in the first place. Butts from cigarettes, glitter, pieces of plastic, waste food, grey water, feathers, whatever you might drop… DON’T. If it came to the burn with you, it must go home with you, no exceptions no matter how small.

What a volunteer should expect:

LNT volunteers promote LNT and also participate in actively removing any traces that are found. No burn is perfect, and no matter how hard we all try, some things are going to slip through the cracks and hit the ground. During a LNT shift, volunteers patrol the grounds looking for MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) and picking it up. LNT shifts are largely towards the end of the burn. A keen eye for MOOP, a passion for the community, and an understanding of the importance of LNT are key qualities for a volunteer on LNT.

What specifically is needed in 2018?

During Transformus, a team of two volunteers will do trash pickup daily together around all of the portos. Gloves, bags, and hand sanitizer provided. After everything is spruced up nice and clean, the team can wander about Mysteria to pick up random trash until the shift is over. On Monday afternoon a team of 10 volunteers will MOOP Mysteria once surveying for the MOOP map is completed. These 10 volunteers will be allowed to stay on Monday night and can leave Tuesday morning before noon.

Team: Logistics

Leads: Tuesday Raptorface, Mitsu, Erik and Jeff

Who keeps all our rented equipment in order and under control? That’s Logistics! Checking out radios and golf carts, making sure they are charged, accounted for, and usable is integral to the burn. The Logistics team hangs out in Center Camp and signs our gear in and out as people need it, keeping record of who has what and when. The last thing we need is to lose a radio or cart.

What a volunteer should expect:

Typical volunteers have the terribly hard job of sitting and chatting with folks who come by, listening to the new Mystery Radio, and people-watching all the burnfield activity throughout the week. While doing all that, you are making sure radios go on the charger and should be available for those who need it to come sign out a radio or golf cart, making sure to get pertinent info. You get to sit in the shade, out of the rain, and basically relax for your shift.

What specifically is needed in 2018?

Logistics keeps track of our rented equipment — radios, golf carts, and workhorses. As a volunteer, your duty will be to assist anyone who is checking out or returning this equipment — making sure they’ve signed an equipment waiver, recording information about the item, the person responsible, the time/date the item is checked out or in, etc. Logistics is open from 7:30am-9pm.

Your entire shift will involve sitting at the Logistics table in Center Camp. This is a great volunteer opportunity for folks who are sun-sensitive or have mobility issues!

Team: Moonshiners

Leads: Shank and Princess Leia

Moonshiners are our version of Lamp Lighters. These folks set up the light poles and each day carry oil lamps out to each one all over the city of Mysteria, ensuring you know where the paths are when it’s dark. This is an old tradition that is still around due to it’s usefulness and simplicity. Hang the lamps about sundown, replace batteries in the morning, etc.. This is a definite teamwork-centric job, as carrying the lights all over transformus requires several people at once.

What a volunteer should expect:

Carrying some fueled lamps around the burn strung on big poles, putting them on the lamp posts and lighting them up when it gets dark. Any person big or small can help with this. The shifts aren’t super long but they are daily tasks that need doing. On top of that Moonshiners get a nifty ceremonial robe so everyone knows what you are up to!

Team: Parking

Lead: Oceanman and Pez

We park the metal mammoths that trek in from hippiewhoknowswhere. We manage, direct and UNjam traffic in our temporary and beautiful city from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave!! Did I mention that we look completely fabulous doing it? We do. You do. Volunteering is seeeeeexaaaaaaaayyyyy. Still with me? Lets get you all set up.

What you will need :

We usually recommend you try to bring an umbrella or shade device of some kind, some sunscreen at the very least. A chair or blanket to sit on during the down or slower times. Good old fashioned H2O, and finally and most importantly, comfortable shoes. Water and snacks are happily provided but I cannot account for all allergies and diet restrictions, so feel free to bring what you would like!!

What to expect :

In the lot, you will carefully be guiding excited arrivals to their completely customized parking place, waving those glorious LED wands at night to safely guide them to their new home away from home. Whatever your task there will always be one or two leads running around to make sure you have everything you need to be a parking pro. VOLUNTEER!!!!

IMPORTANT : Volunteers will meet at Gate for their shifts!!  

Team: Radio

Lead: Mark Maher

Why a radio station you ask? Because we can? No, really because it fits a niche that makes sense. Information delivery has always been a problem at Transformus. People don’t read things they should, miss notifications, don’t know the procedure for entry or exodus and many other things. We can’t go person to person and slap post-it notes on their foreheads with critical info, but we can try to make obtaining that info as easy as possible. Thus is born Mystery Radio!

Before you think it’s all work and no play, you should know that these PSAs are being interspersed around community driven content from music to poetry and the occasional talk radio, Mystery Radio has it all. Is your theme camp *not* a sound camp (like MOST camps) why not bring a boom box and tune in to Mystery Radio to have some great background sound and still be able to be informed. Do you have an event you want people to know about? Wander up to the radio station and make an announcement! Are volunteers needed *right now* to help out? Mystery Radio will let you know! All any mysterian has to do is bring an FM radio and tune in! What better way to get into the spirit than by listening to Mystery Radio in your car as you wait in line to drive in or out, and while listening you’ll get important info you need to know! What better way for musicians of all kinds to share their art with the community than by getting on the radio?

What should a volunteer expect: Mystery Radio volunteers are essentially program managers, your job is to man the radio and ensure content is played and things keep rolling along. There are some rules about content, since we are broadcasting publicly, that need to be attended to and the volunteers will keep this under control. Interacting with your fellow Mysterians as they come up to make announcements, play some music, or just chat with you and the community via the radio waves is a fun experience and a great way to meet new people. Any training you need is provided on site and is rather minimal due to the nice plug and play system being set up, if you can make a playlist you can volunteer for radio.

What specifically is needed in 2018?

Ever wanted to be a Pirate?!? Ever wanted to be on the radio?!? Well, here is your Chance to do both!! Mysteria’s one and only radio station wants you to pick up a broadcast shift — 2 hours to send out over the airwaves whatever your heart desires (with a few exceptions).

Team: Rangers

Leads: Lulu, Critter, Turtle, and River City

Rangers are some of the most recognizable volunteers at the burn while at the same time being some of the most incognito. Rangers are *not* cops, they are *not* your mom, and they are *not* security guards. Rangers are the community’s go-to people for when things get tough. Conflict resolution, helping disoriented burners, ensuring everyone stays safe, being available when you need a hand with a situation – these are Ranger jobs. These folks are awesome! Rangers all get trained in the best ways to help burners when things get rough, and follow a set of protocols that has been fine-tuned over many years. Look for their ranger shirts and you know you’ve found someone who can point you in the right direction or help you resolve a conflict with your neighbor whose generator is too loud. Rangers are on EVERYONE’S side and should be treated with respect, as they provide a valuable service out of the goodness of their heart. Rangers must be sober on shift, carry a radio, work in pairs, and get to patrol all of Mysteria on their shift being visible should a community member need them. Additionally, Rangers help with perimeter on burn nights, keeping everyone safe.

What a volunteer should expect:

Lots of walking, lots of chatting, lots of hanging out at every theme camp around. Rangering is arguably one of the best ways to get out there and meet tons of people. You get to walk around checking out theme camps and helping out where needed on a variety of issues. People love having rangers grab a chair and chat with them for a bit before continuing on patrol. Also, you get a radio and get to look all official and stuff, that’s pretty bad ass. Being a ranger means being responsible and being able to assist in potentially tough situations, it’s not a job for everyone but those who do ranger often form a very tight knit bunch of people who become great friends.

What specifically is needed in 2018?

Rangers patrol the grounds in uniform (Ranger shirt) with walkie-talkies and act as the first line of communication between participants and EMS, Sanctuary and Security. Each shift is 4 hours long. Shift sign in is at the Ranger Station & is available online a week before the burn. The Rangers are dedicated to the safety of the citizens of Mysteria and its environs by addressing situations within the community that might otherwise require outside intervention. Must have completed Ranger Training in the past 2 years at Transformus, Ignite, or any of our offsite trainings. Additional Ranger Training will be available onsite. Rangers must be clean and sober during their shift (able to talk to outside authorities) and in your Ranger Costume (dressed to talk to outside authorities).

Ranger training is at 1pm on Thursday and Friday at the Ranger station!

Team: Sanctuary

Leads: Tanya Everywhere, Obreeon (Sam)

Sanctuary team is a rather underrated team. Lots of people don’t even know they exist, and this isn’t a bad thing. Sanctuary is there when the burn becomes too much for a participant. Every year some people hit their breaking point, perhaps due to stress, perhaps a natural cause, perhaps chemical related, whatever the reason it’s no fun being stuck in a place with tons of people when you just can’t handle it right then. That’s when you go to sanctuary, a calm, secluded place where you can relax and get yourself back in a better state of mind with the help of some super caring volunteers. Believe it or not some of the busiest times for sanctuary are during the burn set up days like Wednesday and Thursday; these days are when people are SUPER stressed out, apt to get into big arguments, and blow their top. Some people get angry, some cry, some just can’t deal and want to walk away from it all for a while. Sanctuary is there to help you through this and get you back on your game. Any EMS or Ranger volunteer can point you to sanctuary and help you get there when you need it as these teams work closely with sanctuary to ensure the well being of all our participants.

What a volunteer should expect:

In general your job is to help those who need help. Sanctuary is always located in an out of the way quiet spot so it can be as relaxing as possible. The kinds of people who end up needing sanctuary come from all walks of life and for a variety of reasons. Your job is to be a calm presence to help that person get settled and back to a centered place of being. Training is provided as needed. Sanctuary volunteers are almost never seen because they are so ninja, but they are immensely valuable and the burn would be a much worse place without them.

What is a Paisley?

The Paisley team assists volunteers with their shifts, provides mobile support and outreach, and assists the Lead on duty with meeting the needs of our community. They are the initial contact for many sanctuary participants, and will work closely with other teams at the burn to provide the best possible support to those in need. Requires prior experience as a Sanctuary Volunteer or Paisley Volunteer at a previous Ignite! or Transformus event.

What specifically is needed in 2018?

Volunteers will work with other teams to help provide support to those burners in need. There will be several training sessions available during the burn, and details will be released by email closer to the event. Please feel free to contact our leadership team with any questions!

Team: Signage

Lead: jessDANK

Signage team helps you know where the hell you are and where the hell you’re going. Transformus is pretty large and has lots of need for labeling. The Signage team works hard pre-event to create everything from volunteer badges to entry signs, to info kiosks, to neighborhood signs and pretty much anything that gets printed and is for participant viewing. On site shifts (if there are any, some years it’s mostly done before burn) usually are on wednesday or thursday and involve last minute things like laminating stuff and putting signs where they go.

What a volunteer should expect:

This job is mostly done before the burn by the team leads. On site though you will help sort things out, laminate, place, and generally get to do some crafty work. It’s fun, not too hard, and a great way to spend a couple hours on the main stage early in the burn, or taking them down at the end of the burn.

Team: Volunteer Coordination

Leads: Radar, Tonya, Dangle

VC (Volunteer Coordination) has merged with TITS (Transformus Information Transmission Squad) this year! VCs wear a lot of (pretty silly) hats, both during the burn and year-round. These are the people who want to make sure you know pretty much anything you could ask about volunteering in Mysteria – from stats about how many hours it takes to build our city, to what shifts are in desperate need of someone to sign up, to what the teams do and what you should expect, to helping you find your shift when you’re in Mysteria and can’t get to to look it up. VC is your one-stop Volunteering shop 😉 After everyone is back in Defaultia, these are the people that will contact you to get feedback on your shifts – no matter your team – because sharing your experience is crucial to making sure we know how to improve. VCs are also able to tell you what events are happening in Transformus at different camps and installations throughout the city. If you are planning something at your camp, make sure and tell the VCs so they can help convey your info to the rest of the burn. Periodically, a VC will be roaming the city like a town crier, spreading information and sarcasm!

VC also helps support teams and volunteers throughout the entirety of Transformus, by:

– being the place leads go when they’re short on bodies (“ACK! 6 people didn’t show up for their shift RIGHT NOW! HAAAALP!”)

– helping recruit people throughout for times we know no one has signed up for yet (by grabbing you off the street, heckling you, or any number of other methods. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW with these jokers)

– getting volunteers to those “OMG NO ONE IS HERE” shifts

– helping you look up the shift you signed up for in advance but forgot to write down

– checking in throughout the city with team leads proactively to help make sure no one is “stuck” on a shift

What a volunteer should expect:

It’s totally likely that the majority of your shift will be chillin’ at Mission Control, answering questions about the various teams (where is Team ThingAMaBob meeting? Does That Team require a training session?) (don’t worry, though, there will be a helpful manual with all of this available for you – you don’t have to know it off the top of your head!), and looking up shifts for folks. During the busy hours (around lunch), someone is needed to roam the city with a megaphone, informing the residents of upcoming events. You’ll also get to talk to passers-by about how cool volunteering is, and be an integral part of making sure Transformus happens.