Vehicles are a necessary feature of Mysteria. Whether you are hauling your gear, sleeping in the vehicle, bringing it for camp and public use, need it present for your survival, driving it (slowly) around Mysteria as a Mutant Vehicle, or parking it in the lot for the weekend, everyone has a vehicle. Please read the below info, FAQs, and guides to ensure you know everything you need to handle your vehicle properly at Transformus

Guidelines for personal and camp vehicles on site

Mutant Vehicle info (art cars)

Carpooling and Parking:
Mysteria is limited in space for vehicles of all kinds, and this includes our parking lot. In fact the biggest limiter on our event capacity is the parking situation. In order to ensure you get to park your car safely in the lot it’s important to do everything you can to carpool and bring less stuff. We can fit roughly 1300 to 1400 cars into the lot on a good and dry year. With a participant cap of 2500 Mysterians that means that almost everyone needs to carpool with at least one other person. Please take this into consideration as you pack up and drive home to the mountain this summer. If our parking lot overflows then we may have to implement shuttles or offsite parking which may increase ticket costs, leave your vehicle vulnerable to damage and theft, or otherwise impede your ability to easily get into and out of Transformus.