Mysteria Neighborhood Map

Transformus is coming up so fast, we can almost taste it! Mm….tastes like dirt. Here are some final quick notes before you lose yourself in the map of your new home:

  1. #1 – Placement is firmly set! We have thought long and hard (for many months) about the placement of each and every camp & porto. However, if you feel you have an urgent “need” (not “want”) to relocate something, then please contact JoeJoe. He loves questions & concerns….Just kidding! 🙂 You can email – but seriously please use that privilege wisely.
  2. #2 – Remember that this is everyone’s first time to this new land & we all just want to create the same community we know & love, together & cooperatively. With some new fun faces & adventures added in!

We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!