Theme Camp Registration & Info

Mysteria is made of your camps and your art. Whatever it is you want Transformus to be, bringing your camp is how to make that happen for yourself and everyone around you! Be it a simulation of office life with ties and clipboards, or an ethereal space filled with pan flute music, we want to know what it is. Please fill out the application so we can ensure you get the best possible spot — and that you have space for all your people to sleep AND the battleground for the Godzilla and Mothra puppets you’ve been building. With so many years of energy pent up, we know the ideas will be better than ever! Registration closes May 20th, so get those applications in now! If you have any questions, you can email [email protected].

See you on the mountain,

Your Friendly Department of City Planning

Click here to register your Theme Camp for Transformus 2022!