Wave 2 is open!

You guys rock! Wave 1 is at 71% so we are opening Wave 2 RIGHT NOW. Wave 2 teams include: GTFIO, LNT, Greeters, Logistics, Moonshiners, Sanctuary, First Aid, Inventory
Once wave 2 is at 50% we’ll open wave 3.

Some Wave 2 teams fill up quick, like Greeters and Moonshiners, but others will definitely need your help and will play an important role in how well the city works like GTFIO and Inventory.

And remember, some Wave 1 teams STILL need your help!

To sign up for a shift, Make sure you are signed in (or register if you haven’t), look in the volunteer menu for “Volunteer Sign Up”, then find a team and some shifts!

You can see all the shifts you’ve signed up for at the bottom of the sign up page, just scroll down.