Important Entry and Volunteer and Website Info!

Since folks have been asking, here’s some answers:

I can’t log in! What do I do! I know i have an account…

-No worries! the old website registrations were not able to be ported to our new fancy website. So if you’ve never logged into the new site, then register for a new account. Recommend you be sure and include your “real name” in the registration process, only team leads will ever see that, and it’s helpful for figuring out who is who.

Website says my email is already registered…what?

-You probably registered on the new site and may have forgotten or be mistyping your username. Logins are by USERNAME and password, not email. Try the forgot password method and if that doesn’t work then shoot an email to Webteam (at) Transformus (dot) com

I volunteered but forgot my shift, how do i find out what that was?

-pop over to the volunteer sign up page and SCROLL DOWN to the bottom. There’s all your shifts!

I volunteered on Day X when can I enter the property?

-Anyone volunteering for a day shift on any team is allowed to enter property the day before. So if you have a shift on wednesday at lunchtime, you can come in tuesday.

How will people know it’s ok for me to enter?

-We will have a list of everyone who has a volunteer shift at the gate, and thus know what day you are allowed to enter. That’s the deal!

I have a wednesday volunteer shift but the other 3 people in my carpool don’t, can we all get in?

-That’s kinda… not cool. Early entry is for those who need to be there for shifts and set up and so on. If you are carpooling with people who don’t have a volunteer shift then that’s an easy fix… Get them to sign up for a shift! Then all is well and everyone is happy. Besides, i KNOW we need the help!

I heard about early entry passes, do i need one?

-Early entry passes are for THEME CAMP members only who are coming in on Tuesday to do theme camp set up. These passes are VERY limited. If you have a volunteer shift, then we’ll have you on a list. Theme campers with early entry get the passes, and well be handling that process soon, we promise.