Under 18 Policy

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Once you’ve reviewed the entire policy below, complete the Minor Tracking Form for each minor participant you’ll be bringing to the event.



People of all ages are welcome at Transformus. Just like the rest of us, minors at Transformus are encouraged to bring art, volunteer, and otherwise participate. That said, Transformus is not a kid-focused event and anyone considering bringing a minor must understand that parts of the event may be inappropriate or uncomfortable for minors. (For the purposes of our event, a minor is defined as any attendee under the age of 18, and adult refers to those over 18.)

Guardians must review this information carefully and evaluate whether it is appropriate to bring their minors to the event. You are responsible for your own (and your minor’s) safety at Transformus.

Families will be REQUIRED to adhere to the following: 

Failure to adhere may be grounds for ejection; See the “Code of Conduct” document for more info.

  1. Everyone under 18 must arrive and attend with a legal guardian and have a liability waiver signed in person at the gate by a legal guardian. Guardians are required to fill out the “Minor Tracking Form” upon entry into the event for each of their minors under 18, and ensure it is accurate and properly filed at the gate. This form should be completed prior to arrival and have all of the required information attached. This form will be associated with an identifier on the minor’s and guardian’s wristbands and kept at the Ranger Station. With this system, in the event of a minor being lost or separated from their parent, they can be quickly reunited, or their parents/camp can be located quickly in case of injury or emergency.
  1. The minor’s legal guardian is responsible for ensuring that the minor is supervised at all times by a responsible adult. See below for elaboration on these points.
  1. Minors 12 and under must be under the direct control of a responsible adult at all times.
  2. From sunset to sunrise*, all participants under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Minors under the age of 18 will be allowed in yellow areas during this time only if accompanied by a designated adult.
  3. Sleeping minors cannot be left unaccompanied in camp.
  4. Minors ages 13-17 can roam more widely (rules in below section for theme camp zones) during daytime* as long as they are under supervision of a responsible adult (aka radio, or knowledge of parent/of the minor’s location).
  5. It is required that any minor at Transformus be able to find and identify their legal guardian at all times.
  6. Allowing a minor for whom you are responsible to violate any of the stated event rules and regulations may result in ejection.

To qualify as a “responsible adult” for the purposes of supervising a minor or minors, a participant must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age.
  1. Be in full control of their mental and physical faculties (i.e. the adult may not be inebriated, napping, etc.).
  1. Either be the minor’s guardian, or have been actively assigned those duties on site by the minor’s guardian on the minor tracking form at the Ranger Station. In other words, being over 21 doesn’t mean you can take a minor on a walkabout – you need their guardian’s consent.
  1. Have actively and positively accepted those responsibilities from the minor’s guardian on site. In other words, a guardian cannot delegate their responsibilities to another adult without that adult’s active consent.
  1. Be prepared to follow the rules regarding supervision of the minor, and to accept consequences (which may include eviction) for any failure to do so.
  1. Allowing a minor for whom you are responsible to violate any of the stated rules is grounds for the entire party attending (including minors and their guardians) to be ejected. 

Minors & Ejection 

If an issue arises with a minor and a legal guardian cannot be found in a reasonable amount of time (or is not sober enough to act as a responsible adult), then both the minor and the legal guardian may be removed from the event. If a minor is engaging in any behav