Prism art (image credit Darrell Coble)

Prism art (image credit Darrell Coble)

Transformus is a place where everyone can feel comfortable sharing creativity with one another. We encourage all types of creative expression; from costuming to interactive installations, movement arts, flash mobs, and performance art. The leadership group as a whole works hard to provide a fertile environment where each participant feels comfortable sharing their creativity without fear of being judged.

Our temporary utopian community, called Mysteria, is a living work of art in itself, weaved together by each participant’s gifts. How will you participate in building our artistic community? What forms of expression will you share with your fellow Transformus family members?Remember, the art-city of Mysteria is what you make it, built by the community as a whole. If you’d like to see something at this year’s event, step up to the plate and share it with the family!

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