Thinking of bringing a generator to Transformus?

Transformus is an exciting and often loud experience. Still, while the THUMP THUMP THUMP of untold numbers of DJ’s spinning in the night is something we look forward to, or expect to deal with. The unending brrrrraaaaaaaaappp of a noisy generator is another thing altogether. The exhaust can often be just as bad or worse — ever think about that! — for your neighbors it can be like sleeping beside a diesel burning bus.

If you do choose to bring a generator, please be considerate of others by following these guidelines:

  • – Bring the quietest generator you can afford, and the smallest that will meet your actual needs. Larger generators are more difficult to transport, use more fuel and create more pollution.
  • – Better yet, see if you can contribute gas to your neighbor’s generator, run an extension cord, and don’t bring your own at all
  • – Be mindful of which direction the exhaust is going.
  • – Don’t run your generator late at night or early in the morning (unless of course, you are in the downtown THUMP, THUMP, THUMP).
  • – Place the generator as far from other camps as possible – even hiking it up into the woods. You might need to consider bringing extra extension cables for this.
  • – Cover your generator with a sound shield or baffle, or outfit it with a motorcycle muffler.
  • – NEVER bury it to shield the noise.
  • – Make sure people can’t trip over any power cords.
  • – Don’t forget to bring the oil, and to check it’s levels regularly. A seized generator is a sad generator.

Thanks for playing nicely with your neighbors!!!!

And thanks for all you bring to Transformus!!!!