Transferring Tickets

Tickets to our burns sell out very quickly every year, they are in high demand. However this does not mean that all tickets are out of circulation. Every year, as the event gets closer, tickets become available from community members who can no longer attend or who bought too many. These tickets are often transferred, person to person, prior to the event. We do not support transferring of tickets, but understand the necessity of this process. All ticket transfers / purchases are done at your own risk and we will not be responsible for any issues that may arise.

Here is how to find and purchase a ticket from another community member.

Finding a ticket can be the hardest part. We recommend you use your personal circle of friends, put the word out that you would like a ticket, and peruse the various Facebook groups for tickets and rideshare info.

Once you find someone willing to sell you their ticket, please be aware of the following:

  • We DO NOT support ticket transfers in any way. You are taking a risk buying tickets from another individual and we will not refund any money you lose.
  • Only the barcode matters at the gate. First use of a barcode gets in, any other copies of that barcode will be denied entry. Be aware of potential scammers selling the same ticket multiple times.
  • Do not pay more than face value for a ticket plus whatever money may be charged as a fee for sending money by Paypal or similar services.
  • Call Brown Paper Tickets and have the name on the ticket checked / changed prior to completing purchases. While we do not use the name on the ticket, checking this may help ensure viability of the transfer you are making.
  • Only buy tickets from people you trust.
  • Always get a copy of the physical ticket. All tickets to our burns are “print at home”. ideally you should get access to log into Brown paper Tickets and print the ticket yourself, if possible. However if the seller has multiple tickets they may not be able to give you the credentials. Always get a physical copy and check with Brown Paper Tickets to verify the ticket.