Transformus Ticket Sales


How to buy a ticket to Transformus:

Know your ticket sales dates and times. For 2022 they are:

Round 1 – April 10, 2022 @ 2:00 PM EST for $150
Round 2 – May 18, 2022 @ 7:00 PM EST for $175

You need a valid Visa or MasterCard and will need to enter the card number, your name, and your address which will be verified. Be sure to use the billing address on the card not where you live right now.

A note for those using Mobile phones to buy tickets. When you load the page you will get a message saying mobile tickets are not supported. You will also see a link to continue to the “main site”. Click that and you can buy tickets normally.

At the start time of each round of sales the apportioned amount of tickets will instantly become available. You may purchase tickets up to the per purchase sales limit. As tickets are reserved, the number of available tickets will automatically decrease. Once the available ticket number reaches zero, the ticket sales page will report “Sold Out”.


This does not mean the tickets are actually unavailable.


Instead this means all tickets are “reserved” or in the process of being bought. Should a sale fail due to timing out (15 minute timer), credit card failure, or if a user abandons the purchase, then the tickets will move back into the pool of available tickets. We expect actual sales of all tickets to take up to an hour to accommodate tickets that fall back into the main purchase pool.


When tickets are truly sold out, and no more are in reserve status, the planning committee will post a statement to this website and related Facebook page indicating the true sold out status for the round of tickets.

If you have further questions, you can find some additional info and answers to frequently asked questions at our Ticket Guide and FAQs page


Please Volunteer!

No one runs a burn for us. We do it ourselves. Use the Volunteer link to sign up for a shift, but please only volunteer once you have a ticket purchased.

Thank you for helping make the magic that builds our home!