Transformus will take place at: Marvin’s Mountaintop
Greens Run Long Hollow, Masontown, WV 26542
( 39.566587, 79.747159 )


We do not recommend following GPS directly to Marvin’s Mountaintop. It will cut out often and is likely to lead you onto a rough dirt road and/or onto an uninhabited part of the mountain. Chances of you getting stuck there are high and that won’t be fun. Instead, we recommend you set your GPS for Masontown, WV, and then follow the directions listed below and the signs we will be posting from there to the entrance of Marvin’s Mountaintop.

(From WV 7)
Turn East onto Depot Way/East Street (go 0.2 miles)
(From WV 7 East, turn left; From WV 7 West, turn right)

Continue onto Herring Way (go 1.7 miles)

Sharp left onto Sunny Hill Road (go 1.2 miles)
(no street sign, follow Transformus sign)

Slight Right onto Nuce Road (go 0.2 miles)

Turn Left onto Green Run Long Hollow Road (go 0.2 miles)

Turn Right into site and Welcome Home!