What’s all this then?

BOD Bios and TLC Bios are on this page. What are they? How are they different? We’ll explain very soon!

Transformus’ Board of Directors (BOD):

To contact us, please email bod@transformus.com

Name and title/position/dutyBio
Dutch - PresidentDriving away from the Greeters on the playa in 2006 I knew I’d found my community - a mythical place I never dreamed existed until a close friend suggested Burning Man. In the dust someone told me there was a burn closer to home - Transformus - but I was skeptical until 2008 when on a lark I drove to a work/play weekend and immediately was assimilated into the special magic we weave here. It was an honor in 2010 to interview for the planning committee and this led to an invitation to the board in 2011. I try my best to represent the community and to keep our event strong and safe from all threats to its magical essence.
Kurtal Icious - Vice PresidentI was brought to my first Transformus in 2009 and have never looked back. Since that fateful event (in which there were definitely Saran Wrap and a stripper pole involved), I have lead or co-lead Traffic (2011-12) and Art Grants (2012-14). I became a BOD Liaison in 2013 and a full BOD member in 2014. Transformus has destroyed, created, edified, and mystified me since the beginning, and I am eternally grateful to be a part of the process that makes this madness happen.
Carter - SecretaryIntroduced to the Transformus community in ‘08. First Tfus was ‘10, and was immediately hooked due to the rain. Volunteered in a variety of teams throughout the years, and was asked to be a BoD Liason for the 2014-2015 year. Became a full BoD member 2016, and am grateful to be contributing in such a way to our wonderful community. I enjoy being on shift for burn night, and sunrises. I have never been in the lake(s).
Conway - TreasurerI have been attending Burning Man and Transformus since 2007, and organizing the Party Liberation Front at Transformus since 2008. I became a board liaison for Transformus 2014, and am now an official BOD member. On the playa, I’m a manager at Burning Man Information Radio. I like long walks on the beach, fluffy kittens, and large amounts of sub-bass 🙂
JoeJoeI first came to Transformus in 2005 as a budding fire spinner and unknowing sparkle pony. Upon discovering just how amazing this community was, I immediately dived in without reservations. I’ve volunteered on a multitude of teams since then, however most folks probably know me due to my efforts around the burn field. Every year since 2008 I have had the distinct pleasure of being either Conclave Co-lead, Lead, or Effigy Burn Coordinator. I count serving on the BoD for this community, which I care so much about, as one of the most humbling and major accomplishments of my life thus far. Putting my cat herding skills to use to help produce and protect an event close to all our hearts keeps me busy and happy.



Transformus Leadership Caucus (TLC)

Name & Title/Position/DutyBio
Abi (TLC President)I grew up in upstate NY and have lived in the Asheville area for the last dozen years. If I was a student at Hogwarts I would definitely be in Hufflepuff. I first attended Transformus in 2010 and have been falling deeper down the rabbit hole ever since. I joined the IPA in 2015 and switched over to the TLC in the fall of 2016. I don't spin fire, don't DJ, get confused about colors and can't really even draw stick figures - but I am really enthusiastic about well-written policy and show up for meetings. My highest aspiration is that one day Man Camp! will notice me.
Andi (TLC VP)I first attended Transformus in 2008, the same year I moved to NC. I quickly became involved by volunteering for every team I could, but Rangers will always have a place in my heart. I joined the BoD as a liaison in 2013 and became official in 2014. I spent a year on the Ignite! planning association before serving as the IPA advisor for two years. I’m not a big fan of financial and legal stuff so when the opportunity arose to step down from the BoD and be on just the TLC, I jumped at the chance. When not volunteering, you can find me taking photos of art, dancing at PLF, reading (hiding) in my tent, or stalking Man Camp! with Abi. I’ve been to 30+ burns and I still forget earplugs every time.
Jess (TLC Treasurer)I’ve been attending Transformus every year since 2006 when my entire neighborhood decided to all camp together and create Philosopherz Stone. Since then I’ve started other camps with friends, volunteered like crazy for many teams, attended other regional events, and also was the co-lead for Logistics for 4 years. BOD Liaison for 2016 and voted Treasurer for TLC for 2017 because no other poor soul wanted to spend hours writing checks apparently. I love cats, not being cold, and telling people who complain about things to volunteer and help make the changes they want to see!
Logick (TLC Secretary)Transformus ‘11 was my first burn of any kind, and was also my fourth date/weekend with my now wife, also her first burn. I was hooked immediately to both. Standing on the You Are Beautiful Bridge, seeing the beauty in every passerby and letting them know about it was truly transformative. Haven’t missed one since. I’ve tried out That Thing in the Desert along with half a dozen other regionals, but nothing ever compares to your first love. 2017 was my first year on the TLC, and boy has it been uneventful.
Carter (BOD Representative)Introduced to the Transformus community in ‘08. First Tfus was ‘10, and was immediately hooked due to the rain. Volunteered in a variety of teams throughout the years, and was asked to be a BoD Liaison for the 2014-2015 year. Became a full BoD member 2016, and am grateful to be contributing in such a way to our wonderful community. I enjoy being on shift for burn night, and sunrises. I have never been into the lakes at Deerfields.
Leia (TLC)I found the Transformus community almost by accident in 2010. I went to visit a friend on the day that round 2 of tickets sales were happening and was convinced I needed to join in the fun. In 2012, I stepped up to light up the night by becoming the Team Lead for Moonshiners. For 5 years, I watched as a Mysteria came together, wandering the streets with amazing volunteers and lighting the way. In the fall of 2016, I was asked to join the TLC as a Liaison (Scrub) and so here I am surrounded by the most hardworking and awesome group of weirdos.... I mean, leaders. Through burning, I've found my tribe and I'm​ honored to take part in helping to build our Home.
Holly (TLC)My first burn was Burning Man in 2003, followed by Flipside in 2004 while I was pregnant. I took some time off to raise my son and had my “born again burn” at Transformus in 2012 and it was just what I needed. I’ve learned so much through theme camp leadership and seeing how different regionals are handled. It’s a huge honor to be a part of leadership for a regional I respect so much.
Eli Fragile Turtle (TLC Trainee)I was lucky enough to be introduced to the burn community just as I was processing my divorce from a 20 year marriage. I was guided by 2 wonderful people and attended my first burn Transformus 2009. I knew I would be a spectator so I forced myself to volunteer as a Ranger. Bourbon (Ranger in Peace) was the lead and he paired me with Doom. I was hooked. Been Ranger Lead at Transformus since 2011 and have been the Ranger Lead at several other regional burns. I am honored to be a part of the TLC and I hope the skills I developed as a Ranger will add to the incredibly talented group that is the TLC.
Evan (TLC Trainee)Transformus 2012 was my first burn. I was introduced to the community by a close friend and I came with about 12 people and an idea for a fancy restaurant theme camp (Arcana). All of us had an amazing time, fed lots of people great food, and felt welcomed by the community. I've been back every year since. I've taken part in organizing my theme camp every year at Transformus, and every year we've been an official theme camp at Ignite!. I've also attended Alchemy and would like to visit some of the other regionals. I've learned a lot and grown a lot personally from my participation in burns and I'm grateful for the experiences. I'm honored to have the opportunity to join the group that plans the event and work with such a great group of people. Giving back and making people happy drives me as a person.
Tuesday Raptorface (TLC Trainee)My first Burn was Transformus '12. My partner, Jellyfish, somehow convinced me and an entire camp of virgins to pull off a crazy idea of having a restaurant in the woods -- and thus was Arcana born. Since then, I've volunteered with a ton of different teams for both Transformus and Ignite!, served as Co-Lead for Communications, Co-Lead for City Planning for both Ignite! and Transformus, and most recently as Team Lead for Logistics. I am passionate about creating self-sustaining organizational structures, and I'm excited to help ensure that our entire family of Burns runs smoothly from year to year, and I can't wait to bring my super nerd skills to the table for Transformus 2018!