SEEKING: Art Jury Members

Love art? Do you have an objective mind? Do you want to volunteer before Transformus starts? Do you want to have a say in this freaky world? Do you LOVE art, artists and the artistic process? Then the Creativity Grants Team wants you!
“How can I participate in this auspicious process?” you ask?
The Jury will be called to review each application in a blind format to promote transparency and fairness (juror sees only the art application and not the artist info). There are between 40-50 applications.
As a jury member, you will have the opportunity to review all the applications and judge each project based on a set of criteria and record your marks and comments.
The marks and comments will be used during the conference call moderated by the Creativity Grant team leads to allot monies to the winners.
You should:
>Be available to review applications. The document is lengthy, and a reasonable time will be given for you to fully read and rank the projects.
>Be willing to participate in the conference call that will take place at the first or second week of March. This is a several hour long phone call in which the jury members review the rankings of each project and make the decisions about the awarding of grant funds.
>Have consistent internet access for communications and phone access for the jury conference call.
Jury members can NOT be:
An artist applying for a grant or the applicant’s team
Anyone on the Board of Directors
Anyone who is a Team Lead (including Grant team, though they will moderate the jury process.)
Significant others of any of the above
In addition, please note that the jury members will be asked to abstain from voting on any project that they recognize the individual who submitted the request. This is to ensure impartiality and objectivity throughout the selection process.
The date and time of the conference call will be decided based on maximum participation availability.
Fill out the below form to indicate your interest. Thank you for participating!