Synthesis Burn


Last month we introduced you to the Synthesis and the Synthesis Planning Force who will be working to build Transformus’s new sister burn which will be held in South Carolina in the fall. More details will be coming in the next few months as the particulars get sorted out. Creating a new burn is lots of work! In the meantime check out some photospheres we took on our site visit and get a feel for the new land.

This album will work best in Chrome on a desktop to view the photospheres.

You can also participate in conversations about Synthesis on the new Synthesis facebook group, keeping in mind that all communication there is unofficial. For official information be sure and “like” the new Synthesis facebook page.

Do you want to be part of helping make Synthesis an amazing burn? Leaders are a huge part of what makes our burns work. Let us know you are interested by filling out the Leadership Interest Form.

Stay tuned to Mysterian Musings for more information as we get closer! We can’t wait to achieve Synthesis with all of you!